Learn To Love And Be Loved In Return

Forget (part 1/?)

Inspired by Queer As Folk’s club Babylon

Characters belong to Glee and Dalton.

The sultry beat of the club’s music thrummed through his veins. Strobe lights flickered over tiny cages and stages scattered throughout the dance floor, random people getting up to dance with paid performers, grinding against each other erotically. God, he loved it here.

Suddenly, his breath caught in his throat as someone pressed against his back, dancing tight against him. He reached back with his arm, holding onto the back of the stranger’s neck, as the boy’s hands slid around to find a hold on his hips, tightening his grip as they song faded into a new, darker mix.

"Fancy meeting you here…again…" the familiar voice purred in his ear. He leapt forward, as if burned by the boy’s touch, turning to face Sebastian’s smiling countenance.

"What are you doing here?" he blurted out.

"Funny, I should be asking you the same thing…Thought you said you weren’t gay, huh Derek?" the other boy’s eyes glittered in the dim lighting of the club. "At least, that’s what you said after we dry-humped on the dance floor for a solid twenty minutes, three weeks ago…"

Derek snorted. “I just needed to let off some steam. This seemed like a good place to do so.”

"A gay club?" Sebastian arched an eyebrow at him.

"No one knows me here," Derek said in exasperation, his hips already swaying to the music again, the bit of alcohol in his system coursing through his system, making everything brighter and fuzzier.

"Except me." Sebastian’s voice was cool as he stepped forward towards Derek. "Here, let me help you to…relax…" He grabbed him by the belt buckle, yanking him close and grinding their pelvises together to the beat.

Derek fought against him for a moment, before letting out a soft groan, letting his arms wrap around Sebastian’s neck, as the other young man slid his hands down to grip his ass possessively. He moaned into Sebastian’s ear, leaning his forehead against his neck as the other boy thrust forward against him. “Shit-“

"I have an idea," Sebastian murmured into his ear, just barely heard over the hum of the music and laughter of the crowds. "Why don’t we take this to the back room where I can make you feel even better…?" Derek pulled back, looking at him with darkened eyes. He didn’t have to say anything at all.

Sebastian grabbed Derek’s hand, pulling him towards the curtain that led to the much raunchier part of the club, determined to make him forget whatever had driven him there in the first place.

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