Learn To Love And Be Loved In Return

Love (a Wilcroft dialogue)

"We can’t do this anymore, Sydney…"

"I know."

"It has to end."

"I know."

"He’s one of my best friends and you’re his sister-"

"…Wait, you’re breaking up with me because of Spencer?”

"Well…yes. You said it yourself, we can’t be together-"

"Not because of my brother, Justin! Because of our future plans! I’m going to West Point and you’re off to Cambridge…"

"…That’s bloody ridiculous, Syd. We could make it work. Somehow."

"Somehow? You really think we could."

"I’m in love with you, Sydney Willis."

"Bancroft, if you try and get down on one knee right now, I swear to god- Mmph!"

"You talk too much, oh captain of mine. Just tell me you love me too."


"Say it."

"…I’m so in love with you, Justin Bancroft."

"Then it’s settled then."

"What’s settled about this?! Justin- MMPH! Hey! Stop kissing me to shut me up!"

"It’s working, isn’t it?"


"We’ll make it work. Long distance. It’ll work. It has to. I’m not leaving you. We’ll figure it out, okay?"


"Now then, where were we…? Ah, yes-"

"MMPH- Mmmm…"

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