Learn To Love And Be Loved In Return

Dear everyone who reads DHoH:

Phantom here!

Yes, it has begun again.

New story, new characters, new situations.

Unfortunately, I will NOT be able to update twice a day, or even just daily. Real life has started kicking my ass, as I actually have a job during the day.

So…updates really cannot be “scheduled”. Whenever I have the time or inclination to write (or The Narrator sees fit to threaten me), I will do so, as often as I can manage.

I thank you for you cooperation, and your unending support of this absolute monstrosity of a fic. I love you all…and I’m truly sorry to have to kill again.

Love always,


PS: Hello, dear readers. The Narrator here. Just a friendly reminder that no one is safe. You may communicate with me on my home page. And be sure to track the tag “daltonshouseofhorror” in order to get each and every tidbit I pass your way. You may get hints as to my next victim, so please, overanalyze your hearts out! Happy haunting…

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